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I just saw online that my friend [ profile] slipperieslope passed away a few days ago. I didn't know Slip well, but I knew she was a treasure. She NEVER missed my birthday, always posting a delightful picture of some gorgeous bouquet of flowers and a thoughtful sentiment. This last time, only a few weeks ago, she posted the most bee-yoo-tiful picture of my favorite flower of all time, the lily of the valley. I loved seeing that picture show up on my special day -- it made me smile, and I thought to myself, "Ah, Slip, you never forget, do you?" And what's truly wonderful is that she did this for ALL of her friends.

I never knew that she was Bianne Bobbitt from my Yahoo groups -- I saw that name crop up frequently. There's so much I don't know about her and never will; it's one of the anomalies of this online existence. But I cared about her. I smiled whenever I thought of her. And I'll miss her.

Dear Slip, today's yellow roses -- for friendship -- are all for you. Journey on, dear friend.


June 27th, 2010 01:08 am
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Oooooh, a shiny new meme, thanks to [ profile] ma_aaaa! It feels like forever since I've done one.

I knew I'd get Sarah Jane. I love her, but then, I love so many of the Companions: Leela, Romana, etc. etc. And K-9! (I'm still only just finishing the Fourth Doctor, so haven't seen nearly all of the Companions yet... patience, patience.)

Sarah Jane Smith
Sarah Jane Smith
Take Which Doctor Who companion are you? (girls) today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Personality Test Generator.
You're Sarah Jane Smith!

The intrepid girl reporter, you invented spunky. You never rest in your relentless pursuit of what The People (and you) Want to Know, and have a profound sense of justice. You are cheerfully incapable of following orders, and have a very individualistic sense of style--much like the Doctor himself. It's no wonder you two get on so well, even if his absentmindedness makes him a bit of a handful sometimes.
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Oh gosh, I missed TWO birthdays. *hangs head*

I hope [ profile] arnie1967 and [ profile] snycock had wonderful special days, and here's to it being the start of a fabulous year! Big smooches to both of you... *throws sparkly pink confetti*
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It's the special day of that most scintillating of denizens Across The Pond, [ profile] snailbones! (Or it was twenty-one minutes ago, anyway -- oops...) So sweetie, here's to all things marvelous and sparkly and sugary and bubbly. I hope a well-oiled cabana boy brought you the beverage of your choice, along with the cheese and olives. May you waltz through the landscape and sing to the cows and whistle at the badgers and have the most delightful, dizzying day and year ever!

AND IT WAS FRIDAY, TOO!!!! You clever thing, you.

*Big hugs and smooches*
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This is to wish a very happy and delightful birthday to the delightful [ profile] alyburns! I hope your day has been filled with smiles and sparkles and scrumptiousness.
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I snagged this from [ profile] arnie1967 and [ profile] fluterbev. I haven't done a meme in a long time! Well, okay, I haven't posted anything but birthday wishes in a long time, either. But birthday wishes are good! They're happy and whatnot. *g*

A little bit about meme behind the cutcut... )
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I hope [ profile] akamarykate had a dazzling, delicious, and delightful day! Happy Birthday, dear MaryKate.
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Today I'm sending warm snuggly HAPPY BIRTHDAY greetings to my very dear and beloved friend [ profile] klostes! I hope everything is wonderful and delicious and just lovely for you today and all the year. *BIG HUGS*
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It's that important month. The first of the year, and the one that holds the birthdays of so many wonderful friends!

So first, a heartfelt HAPPY BIRTHDAY goes out to the always-inspiring [ profile] magickal_molly, my birthday-twin. Have a glorious day and year!

And next, two that zipped past me when I wasn't looking. To sweet and musical [ profile] eve_took and to the very fabulous and scintillating [ profile] gillyp, I wish fun things and yummy things and joyful things for today and all year! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

I'm so glad that you're all my friends. *HUGS* and charmingly-sloppy *SMOOCHES*!
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Awwwww, thank you, you guys. I found the most charming gifts on my profile page today! [ profile] monkeyfun1, [ profile] slipperieslope, and [ profile] krossero, you're just the sweetest. *Hugs and smooches*
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Wishing a very, very happy birthday to [ profile] linaelyn, dear friend, spectacular mom, and woman of many talents!!
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We just saw "Julie and Julia" which was, to me, as endearing a movie as I've ever seen. Well, that's how it feels right now. A complete pleasure! I've never owned a Julia Child cookbook, never watched her TV shows, never paid any attention to her at all really, even though she lived in my town during her later years. French cooking always seemed out of reach, too complicated, too hard, too fussy. But I have to say, with all the hype over the movie (and after a certain visit to Paris last year), I'm pretty inspired. I'd like to give it a try; go for the gusto -- which seems to be a requirement. No diets allowed! It's 100% butter, all the time. Mmmm, full fat and flavor, with wine. It sounds heavenly.

Another endearing quality of the movie: I love the way it validates the connections we make here, online. I don't want to give anything away, but there were scenes that really pleased me regarding friendship that can arise without ever having met in person. How odd to think of Julia Child as someone who might have thrived on LJ in a younger day.

I told Peter that a nice package of the movie, Julia's magnus opus, and the Julie Powell book would make a great Christmas pressie. Then I can try some beurre blanc!


August 11th, 2009 07:45 pm
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Here I am! I didn't intend for this to happen. I need another journal like I need a hole in the head. Notice how frequently I've been posting at that *other* place? Yeah.

But curiosity just overwhelms me sometimes, so... here I am.

*Smooches* to all!
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Something to post quick-like before my eyes close for the night. Gacked from the brilliant [ profile] alyburns:

Your result for The Commonly Confused Words Test...

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Thank you so much for taking my test. I hope you enjoyed it!

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Sally [noun] --
A dance involving little to no clothing
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I just made a late-night run to the local supermarket for some items needed for the work week. They've recently refurbished our Vons store and I'm still getting used to the new arrangement. I turned down the toiletries aisle to pick up some nail polish remover and noticed that, in a somewhat bizarre twist, they had placed a variety of chocolate candy at the start of the aisle. And then I noticed that it was right next to all the feminine products. And the really odd part is that, upon reflection, it makes absolute sense to me. In fact, I'm thinking that whoever thought up that arrangement is a true genius... and most likely a woman.
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We're evacuating -- see ya soon.
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Our department is hosting the Dalai Lama today -- I'm off to hear his lecture on ethics in our time!
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Wishing dear [ profile] snycock the best of birthdays today -- I hope it was all that you could wish for! *twirls you in a shower of sparkling confetti* May it be the start of a fabulous year, hon.
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You Are a Lynx
You are a quiet observer of the world around you. Your wisdom comes from listening carefully.
You've always been extra sensitive and aware. And it's made it difficult for you to fit in.

You see past people's outward personas. You are able to penetrate a stranger's soul.
What you've learned about people is both beautiful and ugly. And you keep these secrets to yourself.

You know, way deep down I find this... well, pretty accurate.

ETA: Oh yeah, gacked from purt near everybody.


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