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Wishing the very happiest of insanely satisfying birthdays to dear, wonderful [ profile] snailbones, that fabulous Friday frolicker!! This journal would be a desolate place indeed without her weekly cheer. Hope it has been the best ever, lovie! I trust the cabana boys were at their friskiest, the olives and cheese were non-stop, and the grink was... well, grinky! LOVE LOVE LOVE
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Hope you're having a wonderful day, Birthday Twin! 40, huh? Just starting out! I'm somewhat ahead of you, but I'll vouch for it all being good.

Let's see, the last HobbitCon was celebrating your Coming of Age -- wow, seven years ago already? My, how time flies...

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Warmest birthday wishes to [ profile] gillyp! I hope it's a wonderful day and year for you, full of good things. *Hugs*
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I'm late, but I want to wish a happy birthday (yesterday) to [ profile] vamysteryfan. I hope it was a fabulous day, filled with everything you like! *Sprinkles sparkly confetti*
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Wishing a sparkly-bright, rainbow-confettied, chocolate-covered-cabana-boy-filled HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Queen of Fridays, the gorgeous, hilarious, ever-lovin' [ profile] snailbones!!!

So, how do you like THEM apples, Snailie? ***SMOOCHES***
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Oh gosh, I missed TWO birthdays. *hangs head*

I hope [ profile] arnie1967 and [ profile] snycock had wonderful special days, and here's to it being the start of a fabulous year! Big smooches to both of you... *throws sparkly pink confetti*
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It's the special day of that most scintillating of denizens Across The Pond, [ profile] snailbones! (Or it was twenty-one minutes ago, anyway -- oops...) So sweetie, here's to all things marvelous and sparkly and sugary and bubbly. I hope a well-oiled cabana boy brought you the beverage of your choice, along with the cheese and olives. May you waltz through the landscape and sing to the cows and whistle at the badgers and have the most delightful, dizzying day and year ever!

AND IT WAS FRIDAY, TOO!!!! You clever thing, you.

*Big hugs and smooches*
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This is to wish a very happy and delightful birthday to the delightful [ profile] alyburns! I hope your day has been filled with smiles and sparkles and scrumptiousness.
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I hope [ profile] akamarykate had a dazzling, delicious, and delightful day! Happy Birthday, dear MaryKate.
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Today I'm sending warm snuggly HAPPY BIRTHDAY greetings to my very dear and beloved friend [ profile] klostes! I hope everything is wonderful and delicious and just lovely for you today and all the year. *BIG HUGS*
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It's that important month. The first of the year, and the one that holds the birthdays of so many wonderful friends!

So first, a heartfelt HAPPY BIRTHDAY goes out to the always-inspiring [ profile] magickal_molly, my birthday-twin. Have a glorious day and year!

And next, two that zipped past me when I wasn't looking. To sweet and musical [ profile] eve_took and to the very fabulous and scintillating [ profile] gillyp, I wish fun things and yummy things and joyful things for today and all year! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

I'm so glad that you're all my friends. *HUGS* and charmingly-sloppy *SMOOCHES*!
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Wishing a very, very happy birthday to [ profile] linaelyn, dear friend, spectacular mom, and woman of many talents!!
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Which is why I'm a day late in wishing the adorable, lovely, and always-entertaining [ profile] snailbones a fabulous and wonderful and pink-sugar-sparkled BIRTHDAY!

I hope your day was the best thing ever, hon. *Blows smoochie kisses*
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I'm a day behind, but still wanting to give my best birthday wishes to my birthday twin [ profile] magickalmolly. I hope it was filled with delight (and judging by the pictures, it must have been!). Here's to a fabulous year! *Hugs & smooches*
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Quick, before the day ends: wishing the happiest of birthdays to the very, very dear and beloved [ profile] klostes. I hope it was everything you could wish for today, filled with sparkles and cake and only the best books on the Mongols. *Huge hugs and smooches*
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Today is [ profile] gillyp's birthday, so Gilly dear, here's hoping that you had an absolutely fabulous day with all the wine, chocolate, sparkle, pressies, gin & tonic, olives, and goodies that you could ever want!

And a few days late, but equally heartfelt, here's a belated birthday greeting to [ profile] eve_took -- sweetie, I hope you had the most wonderful day ever, full of all you could wish for!

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And a very happy, wonderful, Billeh-full birthday to dear [ profile] magickalmolly!!! It seems there are several LJ-ers with a birthday today, according to my flist -- Crapicorns rule! Even though we're at the very cusp of it all... it makes for a better Crapicorn, you know?

And of course, it is my birthday too. Did the universe put me in my place today? It did, indeed. I worked very hard to have everything ready for the graduate committee's meeting today. I stayed late (normally this is my leave-at-2:30 early day, but I left at almost 4) and with Kidlet at a call-back audition for her school's production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (*not* one of my favorite musicals, BTW), I thought that I would escape to the beach for the Reading of the Birthday Poem. I had forgotten all about it, as I nearly forgot all about the birthday, until [ profile] linaelyn reminded me of it.

So I sat in my car and took off my boots and wriggled out of my pantyhose (discreetly), and prepared to walk barefoot to the beach on the far side of campus. Oh, better turn on the cell in case Kidlet gets out early... *rinnngggg* (Or, more accurately, *skirrrrlllll* -- for my cell plays bagpipes.) Peter: "Kidlet's been out for half an hour and trying to reach you... you need to pick her up." Oh, damn and blast. So much for beachside poetry readings. And so the duties of motherhood overtook the aesthetics of birthdaygirlhood, and I was off and running.

I did get a piece of chocolate cake for dessert. And Peter did present me with a gift of some CDs, soundtracks from the TV show Alias (which has some very cool music). And just now, with the family asleep and the fire and some candles lit, I read my poem alone and in near darkness, at last. I looked out at the stars and thought about walking outside to read it, but dark, you know? And firelight is good and mysterious and has its own rewards.

"It was my fifty-second year to heaven... O may my heart's truth
Still be sung
On this high hill in a year's turning."


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