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I have no idea how this is going to work -- but here is an attempt to show off The Skirts, using this newfangled ScrapBook and Gallery stuff that I discovered here in LJ-land. So, behind the cut...

Yards and yards of taffeta )

I didn't have them finished by Thanksgiving, and yes, they haunted me over the four-day holiday, just as I feared. I stayed up until midnight Sunday and Monday, catching the last fittings at rehearsals ("You! Stop. Put this on. Hold still. Thanks!) and zipping home to put in hems. I handed out all but one on Tuesday -- *one* last fitting, then went to finish the last hem on the last skirt during rehearsal -- and there was a huge *crunch* sound and my sewing machine stopped dead. I wore the poor little thing out! So I did what any good seamstress would do -- with one more yard of skirt to hem, I whipped out a needle and thread and finished it by hand, *and* in time to return it at the end of the rehearsal. Thank goodness, the sewing machine only needed some serious oiling -- because I still had Kidlet's hem to do on Wednesday night. "Oh, I see where *I* rank in your priorities!" "Honey, I can finish yours at 2 a.m. if I have to. But the others had to get to the girls."

So tonight they carolled at a downtown event full of lights and poinsettias and Santa and lots and lots of music, and I must say I was *enormously* proud of those skirts. And for the first time in almost four weeks, when we got home -- I didn't have a single commitment to meet. La!


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