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Life has been busy, to say the least. Still wading through piles of application materials -- our deadline was December 1 this year; we'll see how it goes with that instead of the 15th. At home we're in the middle of the annual Hannukah/Christmas mishmash; we have our Christmas tree up and lights put on but still haven't found time for a Latke Night. Guess it will be on Tuesday, the last day of Hannukah.

Last weekend Kidlet's high school A Capella choir sang at Disneyland's Candlelight Ceremony, so I went down with my sister to see it. It was glorious and miserable all at the same time -- glorious to hear a 600-voice choir performing with the usual splendid display of lights at which the Disney franchise excels and hearing Jane Seymour read the traditional Christmas story, and miserable because the crowds being what they are, I stood for over five hours through two shows. And somehow Disneyland in the winter is always the Coldest Place on Earth instead of the Happiest... oh well, we bundled up and the occasional hot flash added to the fun .

And last night was Peter's company's holiday dinner and dance event, so I tore up the dance floor again. We were in rare form: I think we did our best swing dancing ever to String of Pearls, and I asked for That's Amore (Dean Martin, of course) and we *waltzed* -- ah, I don't believe we've waltzed for several years. It was all twirly and dizzying and lovely and I felt very in love with Peter.

And a good thing, too, because today was spent all blue and depressed and fighting *all day* over finances. Aaarrrggghhh.

Let's see, tomorrow is Kidlet's Winter Concert, latkes on Tuesday, The Nutcracker this weekend; busy, busy, busy. *Hugs* to all in the midst of the flurry, and Happy Hannukah!
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On this quiet night I want to wish everybody a joyous, loving, and peaceful new year. I like watching the turn over of the year, musing on the old and anticipating the new. I don't believe in resolutions so won't make any -- I'd rather just sip a cup of tea by the fire and contemplate. Wishing the same to you all!

And to usher in a new year, I have a new icon, courtesy of my very dear [ profile] klostes -- it shall be my new default. Thank you, [ profile] klostes!!
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This was latke-night, and how very weird is it that Hanukkah fell *after* Christmas this year? Odd to fry up potato pancakes and light the menorah next to the Christmas tree. Usually it's the opposite, and we whisk through the blue and white decor before switching over to the green and red. LOL!

The holidays have felt rushed this year, but then, that's typically the case. By the time I serve up a luncheon to my co-workers, prepare food for the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day meals, and take care of Hanukkah, I'm about cooked out. Done did do the present-buying, wrapping, and trekking down to the parents' house stuff, and baked too -- three kinds of cookies this year! The cherry cookies topped with Hershey's kisses were made extra-special by the new limited edition cherry-cordial Kisses -- soooooo yummy. I made cardamom shortbread wedges too, and will probably not bother with those again -- they're sweet and spicy but too dry and crumbly. And last, I made "snowy bonbons" -- almond paste-filled dough balls dipped in glaze and sprinkled with edible glitter. Put in those little individual candy-sized paper cups, they look beautiful -- but they're just a bit on the bland side. Next to do, while I still have a couple days of vacation left -- Christmas/holiday/New Year cards!

Just before departing for the several days of Christmas chaos, I sat down and watched the old 1946 Alistair Sims version of A Christmas Carol, and It's a Wonderful Life. To me, Dickens *makes* Christmas, and that's a *wonderful* version -- possibly the best. I also watched the Patrick Stewart version, which is good too but just doesn't capture the spirit as well. And if I don't see It's a Wonderful Life, it just doesn't feel like Christmas -- must have my annual dose of George Bailey. *Happiness* They tided me over through the nutso parts of the weekend and kept me going.

Christmas Eve was spent first on my sister's new boat (they live aboard, and this one is a lot bigger than the old one), then driving down the two streets filled with amazing holiday lights -- and traffic jams, and successfully *not* being manipulated into attending church with my mother.

All in all, it's been a good holiday -- and my flist sounds like that's the general consensus. *Hugs the whole flist*


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