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So, I guess I haven't mentioned that I'm going to Paris and London, have I? Whoops.

It's like this: Kidlet's award-winning girls' choir in high school is going to participate in a Heritage Music Festival in London over spring break, and they'll also sing at two venues in Paris. Notre Dame and Madeleine cathedrals, actually. And how often does one's kid get to sing in Notre Dame? Raising their angelic voices to the heights of the rafters and the Rose Window? When we first heard about the trip, we of course thought about the possibility of going, but our initial reaction was "that's crazy -- we can't afford to jet over to Paris!" And it was just eating me up to miss out on such an opportunity. But... virtually *everybody* I mentioned it to, including my supervisor at work, told me I was crazy *not* to go. So finally I just told Peter we were going and the hell with the bills to pay, once in a lifetime and all that. He stopped fussing when I reminded him how romantic a week in Paris would be... heh!

So, that's it. We're leaving for Paris on March 23, the day after Kidlet flies to London. Actually, we're flying to London, then taking a cheap flight to Paris -- the Chunnel was all booked. I got *amazingly* cheap flights for us, and hotel accommodations to die for, only 60 euros a day and very close to Notre Dame. So Mr. Peter is appeased. We're so excited now! And scared -- the idea of being where I can't speak the language at all (as some of you know, I never learned a lick of French in my life) is quite unnerving. But, c'est la vie (hey, she *can* be taught! *wink*)!!

Kidlet doesn't know we're going. We plan on waving at her from the audience in Notre Dame, the day of her performance. She wouldn't want us along to chaperone or anything, and we wouldn't want to do the trip that way anyway. Oh, this is going to be great!

And, going back, we're going to have one day and night in London. One single, itty-bitty day in my favoritest place in the world. And sadly, I know that none of my British flist are anywhere near London (right?). So close, and yet so far -- what a dilemma. But hey, I'll take the trip, no matter its limitations. We'll just have to return to England for a long stay -- actually, that's one of our dreams. We want to see so much more!

So, any ideas on what we should do with *one day* in London? We've been before so have seen the touristy things -- Westminster, the Tower, the Tate, some theater... never made it to the British Museum, so that's a possibility. Hmmmm.... ideas?


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