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So, I had to report for jury duty today. Oh well, my "vacation" was done, work is still fairly quiet (I guess -- having been gone a week, I'm not entirely sure), the University hasn't started yet, so really, it was a pretty ideal time to be called. I was ready to perform my civic duty.

And it was interesting, too! They've built an all-new jury room across from the main courthouse, and the trial itself was to be held in new superior court chambers located where the municipal court used to be -- much smaller and far less intimidating than the huge old rooms in the courthouse proper. (The courthouse, BTW, has got to be the most exquisitely beautiful government building in the country... I've explored most of its hidden nooks in my 34 years here, and long ago played my recorder with a friend under the arches to enjoy the acoustics. A very nice court clerk reminded us that court was in session and although everybody enjoyed the music, we needed to find a different spot. Hee.)

There was the usual introduction of the court case and an anticipated finish by the end of the week -- all doable, so if I were to be selected, well, okay then. I would actually *like* to be selected under these circumstances. And after a few people had been eliminated for various reasons, I was called up. Now, speaking into a microphone and in front of any kind of group makes me just a bit nervous, but I rattled off the information requested. But that's when my criminal past caught up with me. One of the questions was whether we, or close family members, have ever been charged with a criminal offense -- and of course, I have. So *that* had to be told (and I couldn't actually remember if it was a criminal offense or not, but the judge solemnly informed me that indeed it was. Hee, again.) I thought it might slip by, but just a bit later and without any explanation (and of course they don't need to explain anything) the prosecutor excused me. And I'm just sure it's because she viewed me as some sort of scoff-law overly-liberal type. Okay, okay, I can see her point! But I really do feel that I'm basically a good, law-abiding (mostly) person, who can be relied upon to be impartial and fair. I really do. And it kind of saddens me that this whole legal system is never going to recognize that. Oh, well. My supervisor at work is happy about it. Still, it was the first time that I felt like that incident from long ago (and something that I actually take quite a bit of pride in) really is going to follow me around, and I'll most likely never get to be on a jury. 90% of the time, I'd feel fortunate for that. Just, that other 10%, like now -- just, dang!


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