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Hmmmm, Moonridge was almost two months ago, huh? And I did promise a little bit of a report. But truth to tell, there were so many good ones, with so many lovely pictures, that I don't have much to add.

BUT, a promise is a promise, so for the Sentinel fans on my flist: the latest of the late reports! )
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Okay, I took the plunge and I'm going to Moonridge again this year. Whoooot!! I decided to stay at the Best Western since it seems most of the gang will be there, and since there weren't any beds available I got my own room. So... if anybody hears of a latecomer looking for a place to stay, I've got an extra bed in my room -- I'd love to have a roommate.

And now I have a little question for the Sentinel folk who will be attending -- think there'd be any interest in me doing a brief 8- or 9-minute belly dance, maybe at the bar on Friday evening to add to the festivities? (The hotel permitting, of course, and then there's the question of me overcoming the altitude.) Since I'm not a writer or an artist or an icon-maker or a vidder, my dancing is about all I have to share with my fandom friends at get-togethers. I'd be honored, and it's a pretty good ice-breaker!
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I thought it would be fun to give a complete newbie's perspective on this year's Moonridge event (and Certain People *cough*[ profile] maaaaa*cough* are practically demanding it!). So... I'll just sally forth *g*, behind the cut because this will probably get just a bit looooooong... )


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