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At the midnight countdown on New Year's Eve, the very first thing I did was kiss Peter. Then I ran outside in my bare feet into the cold, crisp night to see the stars. They were shining mightily -- a good portent and a fine start to 2008.

P and I hauled ourselves out of bed at 8:30 on New Year's Day and went on a hike. We are terribly out of practice and out of shape for it, and weren't sure we'd make it all the way to Inspiration Point... but we did. Getting up the road from where we had to park waaaaaay down from the trailhead was the hardest part *puff* *puff*. Then we sort of caught our wind and plugged on. It was a gorgeous, sunny, warm day here, and the views were breathtaking. We met *two* friends of Peter's on the trail (because yeah, that's how long we've lived in this smallish town), and passed a few mountain-bikers coming up while we were going down. Total rise in elevation was 600 feet, length of hike only one and 2/3 mile -- a good starter trail. Took about an hour to get up; half that to get down (and then only because coming down can be slippery and tricky -- I slipped once, ouch). We paused at the lookout where Peter proposed to me twenty-two years ago that day, and kissed, and said "Happy proposal anniversary", and then went on home to meet up with Kidlet.

I'm okay with the old-fashioned idea of making New Year's resolutions. I don't feel any guilt when they're not met (as they're frequently not), but the idea of shiny goals at the onset seems good to me. So here are mine:

I resolve (as usual) to lose the extra weight and eat as healthily as I can.
I resolve to try to really break the chocolate addiction this year.
I resolve to get the bone density test that I keep forgetting about!
I resolve to cook more for my family.
I resolve to watch my language (cop fanfic has had a very naughty influence on my speaking habits -- Kidlet learned every last cuss word from dear old mom).
I resolve to relearn how to read real books, and to give at least equal time to them along with the beloved fanfic.
I resolve to give more feedback and thanks to the wonderful authors who give me so much happiness.
I resolve to give more time to looking after my parents (including cooking for them).
I resolve to get more involved with my local community, both in general and in charitable ways.
I resolve to get more exercise -- hopefully weekly hikes, and better attendance at the lunchtime fitness classes at work. More dancing, walking, and bike riding, too.
I resolve to get in better touch with old friends and family.
I resolve to post and comment more frequently here on LJ.

Whew, that's a lot! Guess I have my work cut out for me *g*. Maybe in a year's time I'll remember to look at this post and see if I kept any of 'em.


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